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Sisyphus, the Minnesota Duck

In the Mississippi, just upstream

from the Stone Arch Bridge,

resides the duck Sisyphus,

condemned for duck eternity

to swim away from the rushing

pull of the dam, only to float

back down again. I’ve asked,

but he refuses to tell which

devils he deceived. Instead,

he peers into my eyes and asks


Poem: VICTORIA TANKERSLEY moved to Minneapolis for college but fell in love with the vibrancy and sounds of the city (the ring of the light rail gives her especially warm, fuzzy feelings). She now lives in Minneapolis with her partner and puppy and, somehow, can’t wait for winter to come each year.

Art: THOMAS CASSIDY has participated in correspondence art and visual poetry projects since 1973, and his artwork and written pieces have appeared in publications, galleries, and museums around the world. His doppelgänger has held the same real-world job with the Minnesota Multi Housing Association for thirty-eight years. He owes his sliver of sanity to his beautiful and tolerant wife, Dawn, and their two deranged children.


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