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Saint Paul Public Library

We, some ticking legacies, tend our

gentle life beeps and together betray

the old I won’t register on the seismograph thought.

Standing by till the rain stops,

our consciousness materializes as we

watch another stranger’s hands close the

public doors to illustrate

this reassurance:

that rainfall is not a symbol for sadness

but a context for sixteen people

to share a foyer.

Poem: M. WRIGHT is an educator and poet living with his wife, Dylan, in Minnesota.He is the 2016 winner of the Atlantis Award in poetry and his poems have appeared in The Penn Review, Saint Paul Almanac, Glass Poetry, UCity Review, Wildness, and Jet Fuel Review. Find out more at

Art: LEAH FARGO uses oil paint as a vessel for capturing and sorting through ideas that may at first appear disjointed in the resulting imagery. She works by deliberately combining symbols and layers of paint to comment upon different facets of this bizarre, fascinating, and sometimes dysfunctional human experience.


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