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The day my hands turn to birds

I’ll walk to the edge of the lake

and release them to the sky. How could I keep

such restlessness with me? I expect they’ll return

only to build nests of my hair. Strange

how separate they are, how I can’t even guess

where they’ll go. Merely shades, gray

on darker gray, there’s no way to call them back

and nothing to hold. My bones

become hollow, pick up that radio hum.

I will myself into feather and open.

Poem: CASEY PATRICK’s poetry has appeared in The Massachusetts Review, Green Mountains Review, The Pinch, RHINO Poetry, and on Twin Cities public transportation as part of Saint Paul Almanac's IMPRESSIONS Project. Since completing her MFA at Eastern Washington University, she has received fellowships from Vermont Studio Center, Hub City Writers Project, and Tofte Lake Center. She lives in Minneapolis and tweets from @everythingfitz.

Art: KATEY LANGER is a student at Hamline University majoring in digital media arts with a concentration in graphic design and a minor in biology. She is not from the Twin Cities, but every day she appreciates the opportunity to obtain an education in such a dynamic area. Her work includes observations, patterns, and connections.


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