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I don't know if anyone ever told you

but the cars actually like it when it rains.

They like splashing through the puddles

and using their wipers and defrosters

with their radios turned down low.

They like the way the water just slides

right off them as they ski on hydroplanes

how refracted light makes blurry paintings of them

everywhere they go. Their pride in showing off

to perfection their brakes and inside environment control

is something to behold. Even slow cars, even rusty,

one-eyed cars that are old, can’t help but put their shine on

when the rain starts to unfold.

Poem: ANNETTE MARIE SMITH is a poet, freelance journalist, and artist. She is the founder of the international feminist project Facing Feminism. Her two most recent books are Tell the Bees, a collection of love and lust poems, and She Wanted Storms, a collection of short stories and poetry. She is happily at work on a novel of magical realism set in Saint Paul.

Art: JEREMY DOWNIE is an artist whose interdisciplinary practice embraces a variety of mediums, including painting, drawing, and mixed media. Most recently, he has experimented with mixed media paintings on surfaces considered throwaway or transitory; they range from newspaper, wood, cardboard, and city maps to more conventional watercolor paper and canvas.


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