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Happy Day with an Egg

An urban chicken named Nancy

nesting in the birdbath

laid an egg today and afterward

walked around the yard

with a fluffed chest

holding high the crown

of her red comb

loudly clucking about herself

and her marvelous achievement.

Exactly how I feel

when I write a new poem.

Tonight at supper I’ll celebrate

with a little omelet.

From Between Us

© 2016 by Nodin Press

Poem: MARGARET HASSE is a fan of Saint Paul, a gorgeous river city with a lively variety of people, green space, neighborhoods, and charm. She believes everyone should be able to recite at least one poem by heart. Between Us is her fifth and most recent book.

Art: CAMI APPLEQUIST is a Saint Paul writer and artist working in a variety of media. She draws, paints, collages, photographs, and works in 3D. Her main goal as an artist is to tell stories and work with others by leading workshops and collaborating on projects.


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