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When the sky is empty and the hungry blue

Would flip the earth and devour us

I hope for gray blankets

To drape across it,

Turn the sun to gold

And sprinkle us with stars.

Poem: JOHN L. SMITH is a graduate student at Hamline University in Saint Paul. His poem “Clouds,” written for a Landscape and Memory class, was selected to appear on a Saint Paul bus kiosk as part of Saint Paul Almanac's IMPRESSIONS Project, which places poetry and art in public transit spaces.

Art: GENEVIEVE HESS believes each individual has a unique perspective and constructs hers through art. Her paintings are inspired by beauty in humanity and the artistry of color. She hopes to portray balance between strength and delicacy, femininity and drama. Her art often shows images of women that evoke strong yet fragile feelings in the observer.


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