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The Saint Paul Almanac is unique in its championing of all voices. Beyond the obvious character, quality, and importance of the content, what many do not know or see is the unusual, grueling process of collaboration that goes into the production of every issue of this book. It could not be done without the strength and commitment of the community. As per our mission, our community editors reviewed hundreds of submissions to create the 12th edition, Resistance and Resilience. They read nearly four hundred works and chose more than one hundred for final publication. At each step they reflected on
the many stories told and the ways life experiences impacted the writer and also, the reader.  Consider the narratives included and excluded or told from a dominant cultural lens. Now consider the stories
you read in the Saint Paul Almanac. Our community editors undergo an unlearning and a re-education
process during their twelve weeks together. This process strengthens their bond to one another and
more importantly, helps them as individuals come to understand their neighbors in ways unfathomable before reading their stories.




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