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Spanish language

¿te acuerdas cuando te empuje

en ese carrito de compras en el parque?

tus dientes deslumbrantes, risas melifluas,

ojos iridiscentes.

El Tiempo se volvió singular.

simultáneamente empezó, acabó, nunca paso,

y sigue pasando.

parte de mi sigue ahí, empujando ese carrito,


English translation

do you remember when I pushed you

through the park in that shopping cart?

your dazzling teeth, mellifluous laughs,

iridescent eyes.

Time became singular.

it simultaneously began, finished, never happened,

and is still happening.

part of me remains there, pushing that cart,


Poem: ROBERTO SANDE CARMONA describes himself as 50 percent chilaquiles verdes and 50 percent Jucy Lucy, having spent his first ten years of life Pride in Toluca, Mexico, where his mom’s family is from, and having lived since then in Saint Paul, where his dad’s family resides.


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