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Chaŋté Wadítaka|Heart Warriors

Translation from Dakota Language

Grandchildren of the future:

When times are uncertain please know this.

We prayed for you,

we danced for you,

we sang for you,

we planted seeds for you,

and we spoke for you!

Your heart is strong!

And now, we stand behind you!

Poem: TANAGIDAN TO WIN | TARA PERRON is a Dakota and Ojibwe mother who grew up in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She studied Dakota language and culture at Metro State University. She is the author of Takoza: Walks with the Blue Moon Girl, Animals of Khéya Wíta, and Animals of Nimaamaa-Aki. Tara is inspired by the loving hearts of her sons; she is a creator and plant medicine enthusiast, and she believes in the healing power of storytelling.


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