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The Edge

Some would think it foolish

to admire this Fool

in his whimsical tunic, wide sleeves

agape, head tossed back, taking in

the brilliance of the yellow-sky day.

His golden-shod feet step forward

just inches from the rocky cliff’s ledge.

He looks sublime and oblivious, caught up

in the bliss of the moment, and yet,

the white dog yaps a warning.

Doesn’t matter, he thinks. The Fool knows himself,

white rose in hand, a satchel of what he needs.

His mountain journey has led him here,

through steep paths, sudden storms, scorching

days, lonely nights.

Now the reward of this peak, this glorious

valley view, and the glittering promise

of far-off lands.

The next step is

walking off the edge of certainty

and trusting what comes next. It’s his time

to fall or fly. He’s betting on flying, his

wide sleeves ready to become wings.

I’ve never been much the Fool.

I grew up grasping railings, listening for

sirens, afraid of what could go wrong.

New people? Unpredictable.

New adventures? Uncertain.

Stumbling on the path, weary

from the boulder on my back,

and yet, inside,

a shy longing to try: climb

mountains, take risks, trust in something

greater than my own tenacious grip.

Lately, the lure of “What if?”

has been calling, pulling

me forward on this path.

Slower than the Fool, yet

I keep going.

What will it be like to stand at the edge,

stomach swirling, legs trembling?

Finally foolish, never quite ready,

but willing to risk falling

to fly.

THERESA JAROSZ ALBERTI is a writer, poet, author, and blogger living on the Minneapolis side of the Mississippi (almost Saint Paul!). Her writing includes seven books of children’s nonfiction, a nonfiction book for adults, a fanfiction novel, and a book of poetry. You can find her online at


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