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La Poesía No Es Lujo|Poetry but Not for Leisure

La poesía no es lujo

para encerrar en un texto

Mi poesía urge

como urge el tiempo

Mi poesía ruge

como ruge el viento

El arte de mis palabras

no tiene precio

Y no está de venta

el sonido de mis versos

Mi poesía es pobre

y aún así te alimento

Mi poesía es pan

para nutrir al pueblo.

Translation from Spanish

Poetry is not a leisurely

trapping of words on a piece of paper

My poetry urges

like time urges

My poetry howls

like the wind roars

The art of my words

bears no price

And the sounds of these verses

are not for sale

My poetry is poor

and even then it feeds you

My poetry is bread

to nurture the people

Poem: Mexican Indigenous (Pirinda and P’urhépecha) and Chicana scholar and poet Dr. GABRIELA SPEARS -RICO grew up in trailer parks and labor camps following the migrant farmworker trail along the American West Coast. She is a Stanford alumna and received a PhD from UC Berkeley. Her poetry has been published in various anthologies including Sing: Poetry from the Indigenous Americas, Poesía mexicana en la frontera norte, Ethnic Studies Review, Feminist Anthropology, and Chiricú Journal: Latino Literatures, Arts, and Cultures. In 2021, she was named a McKnight Land Grant Professor by the University of Minnesota.


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