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A Darkness

Forgive me while I reach around and

tie a hook upon the sun

to hang it in a closet behind your shoes.

If you think of running or

can’t escape a sour swamp

that light will curse out your deepest blues.

If I hook it to your collar

or tie it to your lace

there would be no place you could hide.

Again, forgive me for trying to keep

the light bright in your eyes

and beam up the hope you’ve set aside.

I could clip it to the handle

of the front door

to remind you to touch the light when leaving,

though I know you may not like the heat

a cloistered sun can conjure

while it burns away your deeper grieving.

REBECCA SURMONT has been a physical theater actor, Mime, voice talent, and teaching artist. Her written work has been featured in places such as Crowstep Poetry Journal, Tiny Seed Literary Journal, Trouvaille Review, Ekphrastic Review, and Seasons by Trolley Car Press. She works as a leadership consultant and coach.


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